Spaghetti or Mostaccioli
Topped with butter,Alfredo or spaghetti sauce   4.25

Bowl of Kraft Mac 'n Cheese   4.25

Everything Fun Basket     5.00
Chicken Nuggets, Corn Dogs, Mozzarella Stix & Tater Tots

​Chicken Nugget or Mini Corn Dog Basket
with Tater Tots   4.50

Shrimp Basket
with fries or tater tots    6.50
with baked potato     7.00

Cinnamon French Toast Sticks
with Mrs. Buttersworth Syrup     3.95

A Toasted Uncrustable PB&J     2.95

Cod Fish Sticks
with Fries or Tater Tots     4.95

Kids Double Baked Cheese Bread     3.50

Kids Garden Salad or Homemade soup     3.25
Kids Menu And Friday Kids Menu
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Friday Kids Fish Basket
2 pieces offish with fries or tater tots     5.75
With baked potato     6.25

Try a Mac 'n Cheese Pizza     6.25

6" Cheese Pizza      5.50
add any of the ingredients below to make it your very own
Onion   Mushroom    Fresh Garlic
Jalapenos   Tomatoes    Pineapple
Green Olives    Black Olives    Broccoli
Spinach    Roasted Sweet Green Peppers
.50 / topping
Italian Sausage    Pepperoni
Bacon     Ground Beef    Chicken
Canadian Bacon     Artichoke
Ricotta Cheese     Bleu Cheese
.75 / topping
Gluten Friendly 10" Pizza of your choice available

All Kid's Meals & Pizzas Include a Juice Box
Choice Of Applesauce or a Frozen Gogurt

Rice Krispie Treat  .50

  Friday & Saturday    Open 11am
Sunday  thru Thursday   Open 3pm
Joe & Linda Scaccia