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We specialize in Homemade Italian Food
Full Italian Buffet

This Menu offers a nice variety for all of your guests​.
You will be served:
Our Salad which includes Romaine,
spinach, cucumbers, Roma tomatoes,
carrots, black olives, shredded Parmesan
and topped with our own Italian
seasoned croutons
A variety of our homemade pizzas
Our Italian sausage and/or meatballs
Mostaccioli topped with our
homemade Italian spaghetti sauce
Linda's Homemade Italian Rolls

Kids under 5/ free, Kids 5-10 / 7.50

Italian Buffet Option 2:

Pizzas, Salad, Pasta and Rolls
12.00 / person
Kids under 5 / free, Kids 5-10 / 6.00

TRIED AND TRUE OPTIONS that have worked for our customers. 
Please feel free to ask any questions and let us know what YOU have in mind and we will try to accommodate that wish.
​Things to consider :

You will have a choice of having a buffet or sit down style of menu.

You can go with something as simple as a pizza buffet or maybe our Italian buffet that will provide a variety of Italian foods and certainly satisfy any appetite.
 If it's a Friday, you may even want to have our popular Fish Fry or see our full menu for other ideas.

How many people are attending, the time of day and the type of occasion it is, will help in determining what you plan for your meal.

We have a full bar and many non-alcoholic options, such as Coffee, Ice Tea or Lemonade.

We can also provide large orders of pizzas, pastas and salads to be picked up with prior notice.

Enjoy your choice of Pizzas with this Buffet. You can
mix them up however you'd like, with any of the 
25 ingredients we have to offer.

General guideline :
One 14" pizza for every 3-5 people

You will be charged per pizza.

Add salad for 2/person

We have a 10" homemade gluten friendly crust available

*** Visit the pizza page to see the choices of topping or 
to view the combinations of pizzas we offer

Other choices:

Biscotti and Italian Ice      1.50/person
Coffee      6.50/pot
Ice Tea     6.50/pitcher
Lemonade     6.00/pitcher

Misc. info:

If you are bringing in a store bought dessert, let
us know if you will need plates set up.

There will be a 15% Gratuity applied to all bills.

We will need a confirmation 10 days prior to
the date of event.
Checklist for planning your occasion

     Contact person                                                                    
     Phone #                                                                               
     Type of occasion                                                                 
     Time of Arrival                                                                     
     Time of Serving                                                                   
     Approximate attendees                                                       
     Full Italian buffet                                                                   
         Meatballs and/ or sausage                                               
     Pizza, salad & pasta buffet                                                   
     Pizza & salad                                                                       
     (Will need One 14" Pizza per 3-5 people)
     Order choice of pizzas or have us
     provide a variety?                                                               
     Friday Fish Fry                                                                    
     Off the full menu                                                                  
     Cash Bar or Open Bar                                                        
     Ice Tea / Lemonade                                                            
     Biscotti / Italian Ice                                                               
     Other dessert                                                                       
     Bringing in store bought cake ?                                           
     Will you need set up for this ?                                              
     (Homemade items may not be brought in
       due to WI health code)
     Any special diet issues?                                                      

Joe & Linda Scaccia
e-mail: pizza@roundupnorth.com
Friday & Saturday   Open 11am
Sunday thru Thursday   Open 3pm